Residential & Commercial Real Estate Services

To view our acquisition criteria for Multi-Family, go to the Acquisition Criteria tab on this website.

Property owners, brokers or members may submit deals to us.

To submit a deal we require the following:

Seller Questionnaire (for property owners and brokers). This will automatically be sent to us through the website. Click here to access the form.

Submit the following documents to admin@recapital1.com

  • Last twenty four months property financials (Operating Statements)

  • Current Rent Roll

  • Photos (we love lots of photos)

  • Proposed price and terms

You may call (877) 772-4112 to discuss your deal.

Note for Brokers or Intermediaries: You must be direct to the seller to work with us. In dealing with distressed properties and loans, time is of the essence and therefore we do not have the time to deal with parties in the middle of the deal (so no daisy chains allowed).

Thanks for visiting us and let us know if we can assist you!



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